Copy Ninja Kakashi Sticker Sheet


I drew my favourite lazy shinobi-sensei and some of his deadliest (and cutest) accouterments, then turned him into stickers because heck yes.

Peel and stick them anywhere: laptops, notebooks, lockers, someone's face... the usual.

*Stickers are made to order! They are not outdoor rated or weatherproof so please keep them away from water.

  • Each sheet is 4.5" by 6.5"
  • Has a matte ("flat") finish with a white border around each sticker
  • Includes 14 stickers of various sizes:
    • Chibi Kakashi
    • Large & small kunai
    • Large & small Sharingan
    • Konoha hitai-ate (headband)
    • Konoha leaf
    • Hatake family crest
    • Anbu symbol
    • Anbu mask
    • Icha Icha book
    • "Yo." bubble
    • Heart bubble
    • "Hatake Kakashi" hiragana

    Things to remember: The items in this shop are handmade by me, a (mostly) human with typical human dexterity who cannot achieve perfection, sadly. So, each piece is one of a kind and there might be some natural imperfections. Any larger imperfections that affect quality will be clearly marked as B-/C-Grade and explained in the item description.

    Due to different monitor settings, the colours on your screen may not be an accurate depiction of the actual item colours. Please use the photos as a guide only.

    Prices are based on materials, condition, and the time they took to create.

    Thank you very much for shopping my crafts!