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Okay, for reals. I’m called snarkie. I’m a Los Angeles native who now lives in the Seattle area and dabbles in way too many craft mediums/projects at once. (I get way too excited about learning how to make new things.) I also love video games, anime, and finding excuses to make over-elaborate, armoured cosplays.

Designing gaming experiences for big kids on the internet used to be my job but now I freelance to help others do it. And since people kept asking to buy my creations (thank you!!), I also now run this shop on the side. Suddenly, entrepreneurship.

One time, I got to hold a ton of balloooooooooons.

So, yeah. The Society is just me. I make (almost) everything in this shop by hand so things aren’t always perfect but I love them anyway. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ or hit me up. Thanks for looking around. I hope you find something you like!